Czesc!!! I am Deepak Thukral. I am quite a neard from high school, my classmates didn't like me at all but during examination they wanted to copy my answersheet - very bad!. After graduating from school I start writing computer programs, where I discovered couple of friends :-) and side by side I also earned a master degree in computer science. Hi5!

Ania (my wife) always gets an electronic gadget on her birthday. Lucky her!! She never gave me any geeky stuff except a radio helicoptor and cobra tags etc ;-) but she promised me that she'll learn HTML, JS and CSS one day. Great success!!

I am a polyglot who starts his day with Python and ends with JavaScript. I love to program, if you have some cool idea and looking for some freelancer then I am always up for it. I speak:

  • Python / JavaScript / Node.js / jQuery / Titanium / CoffeeScript / C / C++ / Objective C
  • Perl, Matlab, HTML, English, Polish, Hindi, Klingon as well

I love hiking in wilderness. It's all started with small religious trips in India and later matured into full-fledged hiking into himalayas. While traveling with a crazy geek, I took a spontenous and arduous cycle trip to Leh via Manali-Leh highway and it's one of the immortal moment of my life. Lately, I took awesome trips with Ania both in Europe and India.

I am kinda hippie; I lived in 8 different cities around the globe. Now settled in Gdansk, Poland

Recent trips:

  • Lagow, Poland Sep 13
  • Florence, Italy Aug 11
  • Yacht lesiure @ Mazure Lake Region 20-21 Aug 11.
  • Kayak 48km marathon @ Wda, Kazub Region 19-20 Jul 11.
  • Kovalam relax @ Kovalam, Kerala 09-12 May 11.
  • Mid Hiking @ Szlarska Poreba 11-18 Sep 10.
Egotrips Gallery (maintained by Vibhu Pande)

I am somewhat a taciturn in nature but I do talk a lot when it comes to programming :-). I am married to Ania (hopefully she will make her homepage soon) and now we're living in Czyste Miasto (clean city) of Gdansk, Poland.

I graduated in 2002 from high school and in 2009 from Warsaw university of technology. I am a qualified data hacker who spent nights figuring out data clustering.

Feel free to write me. I am very friendly person who reply to every email in his inbox.

(email) iapain . gmail . com || me . iapa . in

(tel) +48 . 515 . 257 . 811